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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Henry Taking In Paris, As He Trains For The Durrell Challenge

Two weeks to go!

Henry has been showing us his progress as he trains for The Durrell Challenge, and he gets to do it in Paris where he's currently filming Mission: Impossible 6.

This is his official fundraising page where you can cheer him on, and help Durrell achieve their £50,000 target.. and remember that every little helps in the fight to save endangered animals around the world.

This year there is a lot of fun stuff planned for participants and attendees. Check out the official press release below.

Count Down to The Durrell Challenge 2017 with Henry Cavill Sunday 14th May 2017

With just over two weeks to go it’s not too late to get involved with The Durrell Challenge 2017. There is something planned for everyone from the most competitive athletes to the youngest animal lover.

13K Road Race

Once again, Durrell’s ambassador, Henry Cavill, will take to the roads along with hundreds of other runners. The route starts in St Helier and finishes at Jersey Zoo. The deadline for online registration is 5pm on Friday 12th May 2017, however registration is still available on the day.

Superhero Stroll

Durrell’s younger supporters are encouraged to dress up and embrace their inner superhero as they follow a 1km course around Jersey Zoo, collecting stamps as they go.

Family Fun Day

Jersey Zoo will be open to ticket holders (free for Durrell members) from 9am to enable friends and families to support loved ones cross the finish line. The popular Family Fun Day commences at 10am with tantalizing food and drinks options, a bouncy village, a flea circus, face painting plus local musicians, arts and crafts and Durrell Keeper Talks.

For further details of how you can get involved with this event please go to



  1. That's so great! Henry looking handsome as always!!! Have a great time to everyone who is going to the run! Take lot of pictures and enjoy the day! I'll be cheering loudly for all of you from here :)

  2. "Took my breath away" ... He's realy the best. The Top Gun song maybe in his I-Pod. Good training in Paris Henry. Our beautiful city waited to see you in our country.

    1. To takes ones breath away is a common English phrase meaning an object or person is that unbelievable, that beautiful it can literally make you miss a breath. Therefore take a breath.

  3. Espectacular como siempre mi adorado Henry, el que hace a mi corazón saltar, luces más fresco que una lechuga!!

    1. Translation for Blanca April 29, 2017 at 2:11 PM by Rebecca
      Spectacular as always my beloved Henry, the one that makes my heart jump, you seem to be cooler than a head of lettuce!!
      Readers, 'estar más fresco que una lechuga' literally means 'to be cooler than a head of lettuce' but in English it would be like describing someone as being 'as cool as a cucumber'.
      However, I've also heard the expression used as describing someone with energy, one who is refreshed. In English, bright eyed and bushy tailed or as fresh as a a Daisy.

  4. Thanks you so every muchon keeping me updated on henry and his projects cheers so handsome...


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