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Saturday, April 22, 2017

'Sand Castle' Buzz: Netflix Watchers Have Spoken

Sand Castle, which philly.com calls "an engaging, gripping fact-based drama" is now available on Netflix. And while IGN wished we would have seen more of Captain Syverson..

"One of the most intriguing characters whose surface is only ever scratched is Captain Syverson (Henry Cavill), a member of the Special Forces group with which Harper and his squad are staying."

moviegoers are really liking it!

Here are some of the comments we came across.

Overnight Nicholas Hoult shared some of the funny moments on set..

A post shared by Nicholas Hoult (@nicholashoult) on

And the following interviews with screenwriter Chris Roessner are all worth a read.

More to come!


  1. Was a good flick and I agree that Henry should've been in it MUCH more. But he was awesome in it! It's no wonder he's getting more work beyond Superman. He's really good. I actually almost forgot who he was I was so convinced that I felt he was a genuine jerk, kind of like his "Cold Light of Day" character. He was so funny. So cool. Now...


  2. Oh gosh, Cold Light of Day was so awful! Haha. The only thing that got me through it was LOTS and LOTS of henry. I really enjoyed SC. Too little of Henry for sure, but his character was fun and cocky. Really good war movie too, very different, very personal.

  3. Great for the good input on the movie I hope I can see it cheers

  4. Wonderful performance by the whole cast! easily could have been shown at the cinema/movies. Glad to see Henry doing other roles and I'm convinced the roles to come will give us more of what we all know Henry's capable of. Overall score a solid 9 out of 10 would have been a 10 if we got more Henry LOL! :) Nicole

  5. I thought it was very realistic it would b hard to emulate something like this (the war in Iraq) .. no CGI- choreography was brilliant, storyline was clear #NicholasHoult was very believable. #HenryCavill looked every bit the Captain his (part was medium) BUT it gives u a clear and present promise of his acting repertoire skills �� ~ Henry took it up to one of the guys and I can tell u - he'd scare me! (And u cannot scare me easily LOL) �� he had presence he looked what he was a 'leader' .. I know I am biased but u cannot deny it..
    All the actors were believable and brilliant... I thought it was a great movie �� ✅

  6. I thought it was a great movie. Like everyone else, I thought there should of been more of Henry, he's a very good actor. Thanks for all the input and updates!

  7. I called Netflix to find out when SC would be available on DVD, for the Permanent Collection. They said that it will never be! We need to change this. Absolutely.


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