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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New 'Justice League' Poster, Still No Sign Of Superman

It's not like we didn't know this was gonna happen.. but as the promotion for Justice League picks up without Superman we're pretty sure these next few months will be brutal. The only thing that keeps us from losing it.. he will return and better than ever!

When do you guys think we'll start seeing Superman in the Justice League promo? Our guess is Comic-Con, and that's still three months away. Take a deep breath aaand release..


  1. I for one hope they don't include him in the promos... It's not like we don't know he is in it. And they revealed so much more than they needed in B v S. I think they are being careful. I am more concerned about a MI6 update from Henry.. lol

    1. I agree. Sometimes the lack of info can get me more excited than actual info.

  2. Poor Henry. What a contempt for him. I hope he will do soon the brexit with Justice League. You deserve better plans Henry.

  3. I'm ok with waiting for the BIG reveal, we all know that Superman is in it and that he is coming back after all he is one of the founding members of the JL ;)
    As much as I hate waiting LOL! this will be a good one! and seeing as Henry isn't talking about it you know it's gonna be good! looking forward to all the promo's coming up!
    thanks for sharing HCN


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