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Friday, April 28, 2017

'Mission: Impossible 6' Update: A Lot Going On In Paris

We got a first look at Henry and Tom Cruise on the latest Paris set of Mission: Impossible 6 over the weekend, and now there's new video and pics of them at that same location that was expected to wrap today.

via Just Jared where you can see a few more.

Henry and Tom were spotted chatting it up, as they filmed the action sequence that they've been working on for the past few days. You can find additional pics of Henry on set in this first post below, but be warned *it comes with potential spoilers.*

And while we have yet to see Benji on set (though we did get a preview), actor Simon Pegg has been training hard for the film..

Keep checking back for the latest Mission: Impossible 6 production updates!

4/29: Filming continued early today at a different location, where Tom was seen back on the motorcycle.


  1. Wow!!!
    Es fantástico ver el desarrollo de está filmacion, y como todo el mundo en la filmación estan usando abrigos y Henry solo su camisa y chaleco.

  2. Translation for Blanca April 28, 2017 at 1:00 PM by Rebecca
    Wow!!! It's great to see the development of this film, and like everyone else in the shoot they are wearing coats and Henry is just wearing his shirt and vest.

  3. Translation for StarsàParis @StarsParisStars by Rebecca
    Henry Cavill @ Paris Mission Impossible 6 Movie Set filming Friday 28 April 2017 France #missionimpossible6 #MI6 #MissionImpossible
    5:16 PM - 28 Apr 2017

  4. Translation for Nokinstars @Nokinstars by Rebecca
    #missionimpossible6 #tfilming #Paris #HenryCavill on the Austerlitz quay!
    Article : http://nokinstars.over-blog.com
    11:36 PM - 28 Apr 2017

  5. Translation for nicolas Chauveau @NicoChauveau
    It films on the quays of Paris! #missionimpossible6 #TomCruise #HenryCavill #christophermcquarrie
    3:16 PM - 28 Apr 2017

  6. Translation for MARINE @stanpvine by Rebecca
    Filming #missionimpossible6 in Paris
    1:12 PM - 26 Apr 2017

  7. Translation for S•E•R•I•E•S @NivoStars by Rebecca
    Extract of some videos made on the shooting of #MissionImpossible #MissionImpossible6 #MI6 24/04/2017 #HenryCavill
    10:48 PM - 28 Apr 2017

  8. The fact Henry has to move behind the pillar in order for some privacy says it all.

  9. Wish papz and celebrity hunters would leave them to get on with filming.

  10. Wow sweet I cant wait to see henry in action in this movie besides tom cheers

  11. Translation for bouchouchi samir @SFBouchouchi by Rebecca
    #TomCruise filming the Saint Louis Island Chase scene #missionimpossible6
    8:19 AM - 29 Apr 2017 · Paris, France

    The Île Saint-Louis is one of two natural islands in the Seine river.


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