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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New 'Sand Castle' Clip, Director's Behind The Scenes Glimpse

As Friday gets closer, the promotion for Sand Castle has kicked into high gear. Today we got a new glimpse at the film via IndieWire. And below are some excellent articles and interviews that detail the film's road to the big screen, mainly in the words of screenwriter Chris Roessner.

Director Fernando Coimbra, has also been sharing some behind the scenes moments and even a bit of the music we'll hear in Sand Castle.

 Much more to come!


  1. Love the pics.Bring it on!!! Some cavill in the house love it.Shades down, tv light, and action��henry is on.sandcastle

  2. I can't wait!!! I hope Netflix Canada has it on Friday also! if not I'll be one sad panda :( so excited to see Henry in this roll!
    Have a good week everyone! Here's to 3 more sleeps!!!!

  3. Are we excited or what like xmas in april;)

  4. I'm not one for war films (even though I intend to see Dunkirk this year), but I don't think I'll miss this. Besides, I'd LOVE to see the difference between Henry's vet and Supes personas compared...


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