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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weekend Filming In Paris: Latest From The 'M:I6' Set

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Director Chris McQuarrie hinted something big was coming, and sure enough today fans got to watch Tom Cruise as he filmed some motorcycle scenes in central Paris. He even took the time to come and say hi!

Here he is in action at the Arc de Triomphe

You can see more pics of today's filming over at the Daily Mail.

Later McQuarrie posted this photo from that set.

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While we haven't seen Henry today, he was with Tom on set yesterday. They were spotted doing scenes from a sequence they've been working on all week. Catch up in our wrap, and stay tuned for the latest from Paris!

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  1. Hello Again Mr Cavill. I hope the city of LOVE is giving you the same endless JOY. I get to FEEL knowing you are Sooo BLESSED to be doing what you LOVE. For us all(with heart) Mind,Body and Soul.


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