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Monday, December 9, 2013

Fan Art Of The Week: Tatjana From Germany Draws Henry In Blue

We've just launched a new feature at Henry Cavill News and it's all about you!

We are displaying your Henry-inspired artwork and this week Tatjana shared her beautiful drawing with us. This is what she told us about her work and why she chose Henry as her muse:

I think what inspires me the most about Henry is not his looks or his roles, it's his charisma. He seems pure to me and that's what makes him a fascinating person. 

I chose a picture from the Immortals premiere because of the contrasts and his facial expression. I wanted to make a time-lapse video of me making a sketch, so I decided to do it with Copic markers, which also wouldn't take that long - a good thing for the first drawing video.

Best wishes from Germany,

Isn't it gorgeous? if you'd like to submit your work let us know. We welcome any creative project inspired by Henry. Great work Tatjana!

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