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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Delivering Early In Salt Lake City: Fans Meet Henry

Getting lots of beanie love this holiday season and we'll take it! 

"Oh you know, casually running into Superman" 

Chaparrita_92: Totally met Henry Cavill!!! What the heck? so random, I love meeting famous people at work. Best Christmas Eve ever!! #superman #countofmontecristo #beautifulman

"Jen with the man of steel" (Thanks Lorrina Heisey).

Merry Christmas to them! #HenryIsSuchaGreatGuy


  1. I love that the one girl included that cute collage. He could probably make any hat look sexy.

  2. OMG ! The Christmas present ! Thank you so much for those new pics. And what new pictures ! He's fantastic. Camouflage clothes but without sunglasses. And he is always generous with his fans. Merry Chrismas Henry


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