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Friday, December 20, 2013

Henry Cavill Poses With Fans On His Way Out Of L.A.

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Met the in my holiday travels!

atombyerz: You know... Just hanging out with the man of steel at the airport #superman #manofsteel #henrycavill #LAX #moviestar #byerspartyof2 #movie #watcheditlastnight

Looks like the Man of Steel 2 costume camera tests will resume at the beginning of the year. Henry posed with fans at LAX today, as he made his way home. UPDATE: fans who met him say Henry told them he was headed to Salt Lake City to train for Man of Steel 2. 2014 is gonna be a busy one, starting with the Critics' Choice Awards January 16th. Merry Christmas Henry!

P.S. your gift is in the mail. #HopeProject


  1. how do you know he' s on his way home?

  2. So he's not coming home for this holidays?

  3. Maybe a diversion tactic? ;p Well I hope he does see his family somewhere at some stage over the festive season...I admire his dedication...but still, it's Christmas!!! ;'(

  4. I dont think the studios can make him work out at christmas, even if they did, they could let him do it in UK like he did while filming MFU. So imo he is there because he wants to be, not because he has to be.

  5. I have a feeling he was already in Salt Lake City training since earlier this month. He was training with Mark Twight during MFU so it's not as if he would have stopped his workouts. He probably had to go to LA for movie stuff for a day or two and then fly back to SLC. Luckily for Henry, he doesn't always get noticed out and about. As for Christmas, I'm sure he'll fly home for the holidays.


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