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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: Our Favorite Henry Cavill Moments By The Numbers

This is it. Only one more day and we'll be in 2014. There were so many great Henry Cavill moments over the past year, that we are spending the next 24 hours highlighting them for you. Starting with a look at Henry Cavill by the numbers.

Number of times we saw Henry wear blue during the Man of Steel promo: 9  10 (Jersey)  (at last check his favorite color).

Number of times Henry rocked those Aviators (and made us squee with delight): 6.

Number of selfies w/Henry we wish we would have been in: 3. 

Number of times Henry was asked whether he was a man or a God: 1. Yeah. That happened.

But then again understandable, when you see the number of pics from fans who met him at the gym: 7 (clearly not enough).

What was your favorite Henry Cavill moment? more of our look back at 2013 on the way. What a year for Superman!


  1. My favourite moment was meeting the man himself in London. Such a nice, down to earth, friendly guy, if a little shy!! Not 'Hollywood' at all as one might imagine, I wish him all the best for 2014! ...LHM

    1. Yes, he is. So happy you got to meet him. Happy New Year!


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