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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Henry's Overnight Update From The Set Of 'Nomis'

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Overnight Henry took a moment between freezing takes, to give fans a glimpse of the latest Nomis set.

You can see he's in costume, and going by the comments made by his costars and the director's assistant.. there will be blood.

Keep checking back for the latest from Winnipeg, as Nomis gets closer to a wrap.

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  1. LOL, like I'm supposed to believe that Superman affected by temperature...

  2. Aww god bless you henry try to think warm thought to see if that helps you a little stay safe hugs cheers ps thank you for the update on henry cavill...

    1. I agree Heidi, stay warm and think warm thoughts :) it was -10 here last night so it's getting warmer Canadian style :) Thanks for sharing everyone!

  3. Mi Henry amado que bueno verte, con ganas de ir hasta donde estas para apapacharte corazon. Gracias por compartir, cuidate.

    1. Translation for Anonymous March 22, 2017 at 7:34 AM by Rebecca
      My dear Henry, how good to see you, with heartfelt affection wanting to go where you are. Thank you for sharing, take care.

  4. Hello Again Mr Cavill. I am not sure how it may convey to warm thoughts. But back in the day during the cold of winter Watching BAYWATCH Somehow Always made me FEEL quite WARM. If you think of your favorite VACATION HOT SPOTS. You will be all good.

  5. that little chuckle!!! how cute!!!


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