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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nathan Fillion, Stanley Tucci, And Minka Kelly Join Cast Of 'Nomis'

The official news we've been waiting for is here!

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Stanley Tucci is starring in Nomis, and he'll be joined by Minka Kelly and Nathan Fillion:

The cast for David Raymond’s psychological thriller Nomis has been rounded out with Stanley Tucci, Nathan Fillion, Minka Kelly, Brendan Fletcher and Mpho Koaho. They join Henry Cavill, Ben Kingsley and Alexandra Daddario, who are starring in the film about an American police force that traps an online predator, only to realize the depth of his crimes goes far beyond anything anticipated. Raymond wrote the script and will direct.

This eerie film is looking better and better!

Fillion and Fletcher have already been spotted in Canada, with Nate being his funny self.

A post shared by Nathan Fillion (@natefillion) on

A post shared by Nathan Fillion (@natefillion) on

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We're staying on top of the latest news from the Nomis set in Canada (as we do our happy dance for Henry in L.A.), Stay tuned!


  1. Nathan fillion id going be the evil enternet man i bet...;)

  2. Nice. Can't wait to hear more about the plot, though. The cast is stellar most definitely, but I hope the film itself can keep up with their talent...

  3. that's so cool! Looking forward to it! I hope the winter weather holds up for them seeing as the picked the area for the great views and the snow! that post from Nathan Fillion and Henry's picture looks like the snow is beginning to melt :( hope that's not the case. Thanks for sharing all these great updates HCN! as always looking forward to more!

  4. Wow. All you guys are in Winnipeg at this time of year? All I can say is, holy crap! Stay warm and remember to plug your car in at night. And I don't mean electric cars. It's to keep the engine from freezing solid.


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