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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Henry's Pic From The Eerie Canadian Set Of 'Nomis'

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After a busy weekend filming Nomis, Henry was back at work on Monday. He shared this beautiful but creepy pic from set. Based on his training and director David Raymond's clues, Henry appears to be playing a member of the law enforcement team involved in an online predator investigation. Now if his character (Marshall) can just stay alive, that would be really nice. Thanks, David Raymond.

Here are a few other photos and details shared from the set (again, no spoilers).

Nomis will be out sometime next year.


  1. "Now if his character can just stay alive, that would be really nice"

    No kidding. Guy died in Immortals and BVS! Lol! Hope he stays alive in Sand Castle! And this!

    1. He also died in episodes from the TV series Midsummer Murders and Inspector Lynley!! I think the Hellraiser movie too.

    2. Don't forget, he died in the Tudors too.

  2. Well at least he didn't die in 'The Cold Light of Day'.

  3. I want to see people dead for mystery and thriller so we can be taken for a ride but NOT Henry and Alexandra or even SBK.


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