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Thursday, March 9, 2017

"It's Been A Wonderful Experience" Dany Garcia On Partnership

Henry's manager Dany Garcia, today took questions as part of #thedanydownload on her Twitter account. She shared a quick bit on how she ended up working with Henry. It's a really busy 2017 for him, as he films Nomis in Canada and Sand Castle and Justice League coming out. Look forward to seeing what else Henry is working on with Dany's support.



  1. Cant wait to see more great mmovies and etc with henry cavill thank you for keeping us updated cheers

    1. i agree Heidi! can't wait to see what great things Henry has in the works for years to come!

  2. I'm not surprised I've seen, been witness and watched many interviews online and heard from people who've worked with Henry they all have such wonderful things to say about him. I saw him at the BvS premiere last year and despite not getting an autograph
    :'( (Maybe next time LOL) he spent a great deal of time with his fans! and from what I saw he's definitely sweet VERY HANDSOME and extremely humble. I am looking forward to seeing him on our screens big and small for many, many more years. :) Nicole


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