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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Henry Featured In Spring Issue Of 'Homeport' Magazine

The spring issue of Homeport has arrived, and it features Henry's work as ambassador for The Royal Marines Charity. The Naval Families Federation magazine includes a new quote from Henry's brother Nik, who is a serving Royal Marine. READ IT AT THEIR SITE or click on the pics below.

Henry talked to us about his commitment to The Royal Marines Charity and those it benefits, at the Commando Challenge last October. Don't miss what he had to say.


  1. No matter how you look at it, that man is as impressive as being hit by a speeding bus -- a knockout. What a credit he is to his country, his profession, and most of all his family. Why can't all celebrities behave as admirably as our Henners does!

  2. Henry cavill is a true champ. to us all im glad god had made him keep up the great work henry of inspirting us all...

    1. well said Heidi! I agree! May Henry always be inspiring to everyone he meets and works with! what a great guy! the 10K challenge name fits don't you think? Courage! that's Henry!

  3. He is one of a kind, he is. He is a rarity.

  4. What a great cover that is too.
    His brothers have a lot to be proud of and vice versa.

  5. He really is an exceptional man and an inspiration to us all. His parents must be applauded as they would have been the ones that shaped his values and helped him to become the wonderful man that he is


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