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Monday, March 13, 2017

Potential 'MoS 2' Director, 'JL' Reportedly Coming To CinemaCon

"Henry Cavill sent me the signed pic instead of my cheap index cards!! What a class act!!"

Steve Dillard's infectious excitement, is a great way to kick off our latest DC wrap (sorry it took a bit, Nomis has kept us busy). First off, Collider is reporting that Matthew Vaughn is Warner Bros' top pick to direct Man of Steel 2.

Before Man of Steel came out, Vaughn (who already worked with Henry in Stardust) described what his version of Supes would be like:

“I think that’s the one thing not to do with Superman, trying to do the serious The Dark Knight version. Superman is about color and fun, or it should be, for me.”

It gives you an idea of where he could go if chosen for the directing job, especially if the studio is making a shift in tone for the DCEU. Read the rest over at Collider.

We're just over eight months away from the release of Justice League, and a new glimpse at the film is likely coming in the next few weeks.

We're not sure if Ben will be the only cast member at CinemaCon, but we'll keep you updated. WB's presentation of its upcoming slate is set for Wednesday, March 29.

Director Zack Snyder is in the middle of editing the film, and he's been sharing some really cool updates on his Vero account. You remember this Aquaman scene.. the photo below is how it actually went down.

And Batsy is getting some new guns for the Batmobile..

While Zack hasn't shared any recent Superman updates from Justice League, producer Charles Roven did remind fans during a new interview that Supes was always intended to be the bedrock of the DCEU. Read more below.

As we await his return, many of you guys have been sharing your autographed photos of Henry. Here's all the info you need to request your own. Have a great week everyone!

"Anyone that has been inside my classroom knows what a Superman fan I am (..) Thank you, Henry Cavill!" -- John Garland


  1. Sweet thanks for sharing with me

  2. Not gonna lie, a comment like not serious, color and fun, makes my heart drop a bit. Vaughn is a great director to be sure, but I've been waiting for a serious take for 3 decades (not the cheese and hokey unrelatable) which was beautiful about what Snyder brought to him. At the very least, we'll have our epic Snyder trilogy to cherish forever. I hope whomever takes the helm, Collider is not always on the mark anyway, (I'll be waiting for mark hughes or one of the variety guys to scoop it before I get too excited), that they will respect and properly sequel what Zack started in all the epicness it deserves. Zack's legacy of worthy villains that bring stakes, and treating the character with the same serious reverence it gives in the comics, is understatedly important to someone like me.

    Fingers crossed for me and anyone else that feels the way I do.

    1. By the way, I've seen MOS close to 100 times by now, instead of my usual response "absurd number of times" so as not to get myself committed, and still, when I see Zod on Krypton, I get my first chills down the spine of my neck and my face quite literally goes numb and cold. Still this happens, after all those viewings. Zack did that.

      I still cry when I see the first superman reveal, and he tries to fly for the first time, and then when he does, I still cry, whether I see it on a 7" tablet or a 50 inch screen. Still. After seeing it an absurd amount of times already. Zack did that too.

      I just want to say, out loud to you guys, how much I love that man. How I will regard him as the greatest CBM director, in all likelihood, for eternity. Not to even mention, his visionary and inspired casting of Henry.

      I am feeling a little emo right now, wanted to share. Ok I am done.

    2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and appreciation for Zack, Henry, and Man of Steel. I'm sure no matter who directs the film, Henry will continue to portray this character with the same dedication and respect that he has brought from day one. But it would be nice to see Zack return to direct it, though I really don't think that's happening. If WB is already talking to directors, it's likely filming next year. Which means an official announcement can't be too far away. We'll see!

    3. It could film as early as this fall I suppose if WB is pushing for a late 2018 release.

    4. @Yvette C Henry's dedication is something I have 100% faith in. He will always make the best of it. To be fair, Matthew's comments are 7 years old, and before even MOS was in pre-production. So, IF it's a valid scoop, I will be eager to hear what his thoughts are post-2017. It will probably be some time before anyone is confirmed, anyway. The char needs to evolve and develop past JL, I have no doubt the trajectory is going to be lighter as it goes in any case, but I am hopeful they retain the gravitas that the character deserves and keep the supporting characters as vital as they have been thus far.

    5. On another hand, I would be excited to see Henry also work under other accomplished directors (anyone they bring in for this is going to have a resume that would make anyone blush). Just to see what they will bring out of him.

      Oh and a little over a month away until Sand Castle. Can. Not. Wait.

    6. @JoyDC4Life

      Totally feel you. Loved Zack's epic, unforgettable work with Supes and his mythology and his casting of Henry was nothing short of absolute brilliance. However, I believe they were always going to make their way towards a "happier, lighter" Superman, but not tone down the darkness of his world (as that's the reason why he was created and why he exists in the first place). The closing moments in BVS made it very clear that things were going to be more hopeful and lighter from then on. However, I am annoyed by the term "fun" when it comes down to Superman. What he does isn't really fun. It's serious business and he treats it as such. Hopefully, Zack and Henry (through the latter's company) will still find a way to maintain the relevance and existence of everything they worked for if they are to go this route of "color" and "fun".

      And I completely agree with you on MOS and Zod. The villains crafted for Superman were very noteworthy and exceptional. Zod was a very compelling antagonist and Luthor had many layers to him and was a formidable opponent indeed. Even Doomsday is a force to be reckoned with despite being merely an object of Superman's own force.

      That aside, I do like the choice and if Zack isn't interested anymore, I think I'd like to see Matthew take a crack at DCEU Supes...

  3. As long as they don't mess with Superman, please don't mess with Superman! It took until MOS for me to finally find a Superman worthy of the Christopher Reeve version I grew up with. It was a struggle to believe in Superman for a long time. I'm thankful for Zack and Henry in making this girl believe again :) I hope who ever the new director is he/she will stay true to the Superman that we have, and keep the magic alive for us all! I have to agree with JoyDC4Life, it's an emotional thing to see Superman fly for the first time! I hope those feelings/emotions stay true in all the future MOS movies to come!
    Looking forward to all things Henry has for us this year!

    1. Daniela, I totally feel you. I can honestly say, and maybe my avi is an indicator of this LOL, but I have no greater reverence for ANY other film literary, or otherwise character than I do for that of Superman. He is our modern day mythological hero. We made him, in our mothers and grandmother's generation. The greeks, romans, and norse have their Gods, heroes, statues carved in marble, books of metrical poetry, legends like Homer. Superman, that's OUR guy. We made him. His stories reflect our culture, mores and times (not just American).

    2. Yep JoyDC4Life we as fans did make him :) and he's one of a kind for sure! and a little partial to the fact that Joe Shuster is Canadian too ;)
      Superman is OUR guy and I love the fact that his character reflects everything. He really is a sweet as home made apple pie, strong to face what ever comes his way and just an all round positive character flaws and all! Think that's why Henry loves playing Superman so much? LOL!

  4. Well said everyone of on here i have too agree cheers


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