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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

'Nomis' About To Wrap: Sir Ben Kingsley & Minka Kelly On Set

This is it.

As Nomis gets ready to wrap, there is a lot of news coming out of Winnipeg. While we had seen Henry and Alexandra Daddario in official stills, director David Raymond has now shared a first glimpse of Sir Ben Kingsley on set. It was another overnight shoot for the crew, that gave us a peek at the filmmaking process.

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"blonds are the small lights in each corner. The ultrabounce is the fabric hanging on the 20'x20' metal frame. It's reflecting or "bouncing" the light into the set."

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The cast has also begun saying their goodbyes, and Minka Kelly was spotted on set!

Nomis is coming out sometime next year. More to come.


  1. Good to know they've become so close. Can't wait for Nomis next year!


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