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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Durrell Challenge: Read Henry's New Message For You!

This is what we call determination.

A year ago today Henry was in New York promoting Batman v Superman, but he still found time to train for the first annual Durrell Challenge.

Now here we are again, exactly two months away from the 13K run in Jersey that this year will include a superhero stroll. And you can still sign up to join him!

Henry started training for the race in January, and just yesterday updated his Facebook with the doitfordurrell link.

His JustGiving fundraising page is also live, and today there is a new message for you there:

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back and thank you if you're returning from last year and showing your support once again... you legends!

To those of you who are here for the first time, thank you for coming by!!! Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is made up of truly fantastic people doing wonderful things for animal conservation and saving animals from extinction one step at a time. They are truly appreciative of all of our efforts, big or small, and I am truly appreciative of you all joining me in helping out such a special cause!

Thank you again, to all of you and hopefully see you in Jersey!!


You guys have already helped Henry reach 17% of his goal, but we want to help him smash it!

Here is the link to his JustGiving page again, where you can support this amazing charity that does so much great work for endangered animals all over the world. You can also leave a message of support for Henry.

More updates to come, as we count down to race day.


  1. Sweet i would love too cheers thanks for the update

  2. That staircase clip never gets old.

  3. I love that video LOL! and the Super screaming at the end it's great! have a good time to everyone who is going! thanks for keeping us posted HCN! have a good week everyone!


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