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Monday, March 20, 2017

The 'Nomis' Cast & Crew Busy In Winnipeg As Wrap Date Nears

the brendanfletcher: "No rest for the wicked. Head to head. Well, head to chest. He's tall. This guy is good with handcuffs. I have a black eye (not his fault) #nomis"

We're just days away from the reported wrap date for Nomis, and that means a lot of work to get done!

Over the weekend Brendan Fletcher teased a scene with Henry, that seems to point at Fletcher being a bad guy. But is he the bad guy?.. we'll have to wait to find out.

The cast and crew have been sharing quick updates, expressing how lucky they feel to be able to be part of this production.

Nomis will be released next year. We look forward to finding out more about Henry's role.

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  1. Hello Again Mr Cavill. I hope your epic winnipeg experience. On the set of NOMIS with the exceptional cast and crew for director Mr. Fletcher. Allows you to cherish the many new memories and Amazing friendships you have made; minus the bone chilling cold.


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