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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Walmart Delivers The Goods: 'See Steel First' Campaign A Success

It seems many fans around the country took advantage of Walmart's promotion to watch Man of Steel a day ahead of its release, by purchasing tickets at stores today. And that's not all shoppers found when they walked through the door. Here's some of what's available. We're in Henry heaven..

Seriously considered walking away with him. Not really. Really.  

Top image and this one via jackiebabii907

Good selection of posters


Love the message on this bag! - ALL Henry :)

And how awesome are these?

Some shoppers even had some sweet treats waiting for them 

And employees of course were ready to serve.. and protect?

Word is those who got advance tickets for the Man of Steel screenings on June 13, will also get a special greeting from Henry and director Zack Snyder. And don't miss the great new footage that was released today as part of the See Steel First promotion. Less than a month to go!

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