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Friday, May 31, 2013

Henry's Home Island Celebrates Him With Commemorative Stamps

Henry's home island of Jersey is so proud of him and his role in Man of Steel, that they are issuing a set of commemorative stamps. According to Isle News they'll come with plenty of extras, including an introduction by Henry!

Jersey Post has produced a series of stamps and collectables to celebrate the release of Man of Steel starring Jerseyman Henry Cavill in the lead role.

The set is unique in many respects and is the first to be issued in Jersey to coincide with the release of a major new movie.

The stamps feature a number of innovative print techniques, each paying tribute to the Man of Steel’s super powers and brought together for the first time in one issue. To support the release of the stamps, which go on sale today, a dedicated sales website www.jerseypoststamps.com/manofsteel has been developed, which also features information about the film, the stamps, Henry Cavill and Jersey.

An ‘augmented reality’ app has also been released through Smartsy, which features an exclusive introduction to the stamps from Henry Cavill. Users are introduced to the story behind each stamp, and are treated to bonus information, trailer and images from the film. There is also a gallery of stunning iconic views of Jersey from local photographer Danny Evans and more information about Jersey Post.

Jersey Post’s Philatelic Bureau started work on the project almost two years ago, opening discussions with the Henry Cavill Management Team as soon as it was announced who would be taking the lead role in the movie. Warner Bros. Pictures have also been actively involved in all the concept and development of the stamps, which received Royal approval this month.

Sally Diamond, Head of Philatelic at Jersey Post said: ‘This is an incredibly exciting day for Jersey Post. We are renowned for producing innovative and highly collectible stamp issues that reflect important cultural and historic moments with relevance to Jersey, such as the hologram stamp we issued last year to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. On this occasion we have produced a stunning set of stamps, which were inspired not only by a momentous cinematic occasion but also by the talent that this small island is capable of producing.’

Henry Cavill is a former Head Boy at St Michael’s Preparatory School where he first trod the boards and was bitten by the acting bug. He has appeared in a number of acclaimed television series, most notably The Tudors, and also the 2011 film ‘Immortals’. His father, Colin Cavill said: ‘Henry is very proud of his island roots and has been involved in the development of the stamps throughout. Jersey Post has gone to great lengths to provide such a beautiful and wonderfully creative set of treasures.’

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Image by Kevin Pamplin

The set of six stamps feature a number of innovative production techniques, developed by Cartor Security Printing in France. Each technique pays tribute to the Man of Steel’s super powers and are brought together for the first time in one issue:

45p The face shows a close up of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. Scanning the stamp with a smartphone triggers the Smartsy App and takes the user to the bonus material

55p The image of Man of Steel in a dramatic mid air flying pose is set on a transparent stamp, to symbolise his x-ray vision

60p Printed on flat simili silver foiling, reflecting the Man of Steel’s incredible strength

68p Printed with thermochromatic ink; when warmth is applied to the face of the stamp, for example by holding it with your fingertips, the Earth is revealed beneath the Man of Steel in flying pose

80p Crushed granite taken from just one pebble at Beauport Bay, which is Henry Cavill’s favourite place in Jersey, has been applied to the face of each thermographic stamp to give its rough, tactile finish and once again acknowledging the Man of Steel’s strength

88p Printed with ‘glow-in-the-dark’ ink, this stamp reveals a hidden message from the Man of Steel’s father, which is visible only in darkness

A lenticular miniature sheet has also been produced which, when tilted, shows the Man of Steel flying across the face of the image. It has a face value of £3.

A limited edition collector’s pack valued at £60 is available and includes a sheet of each of the stamps, information about the film and Henry Cavill, bound in a specially commissioned steel-effect cover.

Gary Caroll, Business Development Director at Jersey Post said: ‘A considerable amount of thought, work and expertise has gone into producing this set of stamps and we hope that islanders will want to buy these products, not just for their collectible value, but also because they reflect another proud moment in Jersey’s cultural heritage. Henry Cavill is not only a super hero, he is our local hero and we are delighted to mark his achievement in this way’.

This one above is a special collector's pack. Again, you can order the Jersey Man of Steel stamps HERE.

The BBC has a bit more info:

A spokeswoman said it was the first time Jersey Post had issued stamps for a Hollywood film.

She said the project had taken two years after approval from Henry Cavill's team and Warner Brothers.
The stamps received Royal approval this month.

We are so excited for Henry! - the Man of Steel premiere in Jersey is set for June 14. We'll be bringing you updates from that very special day as we get them.

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