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Friday, May 10, 2013

Fan Shares New Pic & Account After Meeting Henry In London

vicnvid was lucky enough to meet Henry in London and tweeted her super cute pic and some details today:

Met the man himself last week! He was very sweet and let me have a photo with him. Mwah! 

He was having lunch with friends in the same pub I was in. When he left I took my opportunity and pounced! Hehe!

She later told us more about her brief but sweet encounter:

What a lovely man!

He was very sweet, polite and happily posed with me. I wished him good luck with the movie and he thanked me, shook my hand and left. Ahhh!

We LOVE the pic, and once again it reminds us why we're so proud to be fans of Henry. SUCH a nice guy!

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  1. Cute story. Mr. Cavill looks handsome like always. It is always wonderful to hear how nice he is, but I dying to know where she bought that blouse. I love it.


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