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Saturday, May 4, 2013

TV Host Spots Henry In London: Back Home For His Birthday!

TV host Juanma Fernandez ran into Henry at a London hotel today, and shared this cute new pic. Fast & Furious 6 premieres there on Tuesday, and Fernandez confirms Henry was there with girlfriend Gina Carano as she did press for the film. When we tweeted that he was lucky to meet him and asked how Henry was with him, this is what Fernandez replied:

‏@juanmadpelicula @HenryCavillNews Super Nice! Pun intended.

Awww..  we're so proud to be his fans. Hopefully we see Henry walk the carpet with Gina. Look for updates as we get them! 


  1. I remember Senor Fernandez. He did an awesome interview w/ Henry for Man of Steel. Isn't he from Puerto Rico? In that interview Henry talked about his friend's sons calling him "Uncle Henny", and about how cool it was when he was waiting on set while filming and a chance breeze picked up his cape. He also mentioned spending some time for R&R in Puerto Rico after shooting and how he "just loved the heat down there." Geez...I sure remember that interview, don't i? ! I hope I have the right guy!!

    1. That is Juanma! -- we have the direct link in our promo stuff, but here's the ripped version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V02anTSdDFQ - Can't wait to see his future interviews with Henry.


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