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Friday, May 24, 2013

'Man of Steel' Wrap: New Images, New Interviews, Win Premiere Tickets

We're just a few weeks away from the release of Man of Steel, and there's so much promo material coming out, blink and you'll miss it. With that in mind, once in a while we'll be putting out these news blasts with links to stories you don't want to miss as we count down to June 14.  

First off, several images from Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman have popped up online. We've posted a few with Henry below (via). And about the scene with the skulls, we now know what part it plays in the movie. Read at your own risk --> SPOILERS HERE

Schick promo has brought us this new image of our Man of Steel.. HOT

There's also a couple of great write-ups from people who worked on Man of Steel. One of them is singer/actress Allison Crowe. Read what she had to say about working on the film. And we LOVED this next interview with the mother of the twins who play baby Supes in Man of SteelFind out how they ended up getting the part.

pic by Rick Ernst - Province

Life Story Movie Magic magazine devotes some its latest issue to Man of Steel. They have an interview with Henry that includes a few new quotes. Read it here.

Sears is now running a TV spot for the holiday weekend that features Man of Steel footage. Check it out.

Finally, there are several contests going on right now that could score you tickets for either the UK or New York premiere of Man of Steel. Here are a couple. 

Good luck!

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