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Monday, May 13, 2013

New Still: Clark Provides Martha With a Shoulder To Lean On

In case you haven't noticed, Warner Bros. is in full promo mode for Man of Steel. The latest partnership announcement comes via Microsoft, that's just unveiled a Man of Steel app for Nokia Windows phones.
This is one of the bio images included, and it's a new one of Henry as Clark. See the rest.

App description:

Trailers can be viewed from within the app, along with biographies on all the stars featured in the film. The last notable feature of the Man of Steel app is the integration with the camera, offering up the possibility to capture shots of one's favourite background, which can have the Man of Steel "super-imposed" on it for interesting results.

Consumers can share unlocked rewards and photos with friends, utilising the built-in social functionality. Should you be an avid fan or slightly interested in such an app, you can download Man of Steel from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store for free. Unfortunately, for the time being, the app is only available on Lumia hardware.

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