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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fan Of The Month: A Real 'Superman' In The Making

We don't know his name or what he's been through, but you can see the determination in his eyes. As a journalist covering news stories on a daily basis one can become jaded, and then a picture like this one comes along to remind you why you do it. Every person has a story to tell. This powerful photo came to us via journalist SimplyShamime. It was taken in India by travel photographer High_Vibe_Photo, who shared the story behind the picture that really captured our hearts.

This boy wouldn't let me go without taking a photo of his t-shirt, and boldly claimed "I'll be a hero one day too." Back streets of Hyderabad, India.  

This real Superman in the making is our fan of the month.   


  1. For me, the best superman version was Superman the Animated Series (which is pictured above) . Bruce Timm was able to make Superman a well-rounded character, unlike the over-powered jerk from the Silver Age. Superman was shown to be a boy scout with impish sense of humor.

    1. thank you for your feedback, hopefully the Superman you describe inspires that young boy to become the hero he dreams of.


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