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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: A "Legendary Moment" With Superman

Luke shared this pic, calling it "the legendary moment he bumped fists with Superman" at the Man of Steel premiere in London last June. The awesome photo captured what we feel is the essence of Henry, connecting with his fans with simple gestures that mean the world to them. So on this Throwback Thursday we're sending him good vibes, as he prepares to once again take on the role that he has portrayed so well, on and off the set. Updates from Detroit as they come in. 


  1. Could this be the first glimpse of Supes in his MOS2 costume?
    Clay Enos just posted a photo instagram.com/p/k7tKCbkPFk

    1. Hmm.. don't think so. We saw him post it, but he's in Salt Lake City doing some training himself. Thanks though!

  2. .....and (significantly) he's tweeted the photo to Mark Twight, who has replied "Wish I was there".

    Where's "there"? Detroit?

  3. It looks like nothing more than an illustration (advertising a gym perhaps?)

    He's a photographer, so it probably just caught his eye.

    Sincerely doubt it has anything to do with the movie. I doubt they're even at costume-wearing stage.

  4. Shucks......I'm sure Henry COULD lift that huge barbell with one arm, but I guess you're right, and I was getting a bit over-excited.......Sorry!

  5. A little over-excited? It's Henry. It happens ;p

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