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Thursday, February 13, 2014

RoboCop: "Batman Is Cool, But He Doesn't Stand A Chance" (Against Superman)

We're really liking Joel Kinnaman today. While talking to Entertainment Tonight (at about 1:50), he was asked who would win between Batman & RoboCop:

"I'm sad to say to all the diehard Batman fans out there, but it's one of the things with Batman… He's a cool guy with a lot of gadgets, but he wouldn't stand a chance. It's the same thing with Batman and Superman… Batman's a cool guy, but he doesn't stand a chance."

Our thoughts EXACTLY. Thanks for giving Supes a shout-out Joel. Hear your movie is pretty good ;)

And, uhmm.. Superman, you may want to watch your back. Idris Elba wants your job


  1. Nolan's Batman would lose. He was too watered down. Comic book Batman fought aliens with far more advance tech, meta humans, and even magical beings. The old movie Robocop only dealt with common thugs and occasional cyborg. Batman would stump Robocop, unless he received a major upgrade. In comics, normal humans are much stronger then in real life. Batman has benched regularly over 1000 pounds or more, and broken bullet-proof glass and metal swords with his kick. He is fast enough to dodge bullets. He lives in a world where tech is more advance then ours, In DC universe, you have devices that control weather or time, transporters and even serums like venom or man bat serum that makes you ten times stronger and feel no pain. Batman has used all that in the past. Also in DC universe, Batman is known as one the best strategist. He is also one of the richest men in DC. He has too many resources. Comic book batman most likely will lose to superman but not Robocop.


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