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Sunday, February 2, 2014

It Is Called The SUPER Bowl!

It was around this time last year, when Henry and Gina were hanging out with fans in New Orleans during Super Bowl weekend.

 Lane Twins today shared more about their pic (above): "We met him in a mall in New Orleans. Great Superbowl, Great guy. And he nailed the role in #ManOfSteel."

Don't think Superman can make it to East Rutherford, New Jersey since he's busy preparing for Man of Steel 2 in Detroit. So this is how we imagine his day will be like..

He'll pick up the pizza 

Do a little screaming at the TV

Top it off with a few beers (but not too many "because he is still doing some heavy training")

Enjoy the SUPER Bowl Man of Steel!


  1. He really does need the break, too much stress from mos II.

  2. I'm sorry - did you say "too much stress"?


    He's living in free accommodations, training with his friends, socializing at night, hanging with his new puppy and getting paid millions.

    Actors work temporary part-time jobs for a truck load of money.

    Yep. Stress. It's a killer. I don't know how Henry gets through his days, worrying about his mortgage and how to feed his kids...

  3. Haha ... well said! He's one lucky dude. Hope he knows it.

  4. Still, most of his friends and his family are not in Detroit. Being away from one's dear ones for such a long period of time, 10 months, especially in a place like Detroit (the armpit of the Midwest), can be stressful.

  5. Not the mention of the stress of having the whole world constantly ridicule, nit pick, scrutinize every thing you do. Yeah, he may not have the stress of a mortgage & feeding a family, yet, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his own type of stress.

  6. Try living in Afghanistan away from your family on tour. That's being away from your family and not getting paid for it!!

  7. Gilipolleces! La actuación es como cualquier otro trabajo, mejor remunerado? Si, y con mejores privilegios? También... Pero muchos de ellos trabajan más de 12hrs al día, a veces en estudios y otras veces bajo el sol, la lluvia, o el frío. Sin contar que todo tiene un precio, trabajar en lo que les gusta requiere de otros sacrificios y las recompensas no vienen de la noche al día. Por eso es muy fácil criticar y hacer mofa de la vida de otros cuando no se está en su pellejo ,y pensar que la fama y el dinero lo hace todo más llevadero como si habláramos de un maniquí, cuando en realidad hablamos de un ser humano que siente y padece como cualquiera de ustedes...
    “No se ve bien sino con el corazón. Lo esencial es invisible a los ojos.” Si alguno de ustedes fueran más empaticos se habría dado cuenta del cansancio y melancolía que reflejan los ojos del Sr. Cavill en las últimas fotos de los últimos 6 meses.


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