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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Always So Charming, Always So Hot..

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Ricky shared his pic with Henry, out relaxing before Man of Steel was released. (via)

We've been bringing you fan stories from the past year, but today we were reminded that Henry has always been as charming as he is now. You might have seen the pictures, now read the fun stories.

Photo & story via

I ran into The Tudors star Henry Cavill at the after-party for the Fighting premiere at Marquee lounge in New York City on Monday night (April 20, 2009).

The 25-year-old British actor, who was in town to take a few business meetings, definitely stood out in the room — super tall, dark and handsome. (FYI: He was sitting at a producer’s VIP table.)

This next picture is one of our favorites (hot lookin' Henry), and today Jessie shared the details of that night. We warn you.. you WILL be jealous of her.

Jessielouisep: We met at The Roundhouse at a Jessie J concert (August 4, 2012). We were both a little drunk, he was very lovely. And I definitely took advantage lol lots of hugs and got a few cheeky pictures. The muscles.. (via). 

Told ya! (green with envy), Henry was there with friend and Immortals costar Luke Evans. You can see more pictures from that night in our gallery. We love hearing how lovely (& sometimes cheeky) Henry is with everyone he meets. If you have a story or pictures you want to share, please email us at henrycavillnews@gmail.com. Happy Throwback Thursday!


  1. Drunk??? Lucky, lucky girl.......sighhhhhh......

  2. What a lucky girl!! That's such a cute picture :)

  3. These Pics Are Wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Henry, Fans & HCN. <3


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