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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day: Celebrating The Henry Cavill Way

Hope your day is filled with passionate embraces

sweet moments

stolen kisses






Have a sweet & sexy Valentine's Day, courtesy of THE MAN ;)

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  1. Jeeeesus. Honestly think you may have just killed me with those gifs. HOW DOES THIS MAN EXIST???? He is so perfect it actually hurts - and I'm not a 13 year nutter, I'm 25 years old and have gone through life up until the last year without getting some weird obsession with an actor I don't know. But that's the Henry effect for you! Gorgeous, GORGEOUS man. I love this website too! First thing I check in the morning and last and night <3 Happy Valentines Day all at HCN, thanks for creating this amazing site! Love SN and 5 other friends who are all H-Cav nuts :)

  2. I agree with all that Anonymous gibberish...and kick what she said up a notch...I'd like to lay on top of His Naked Body...and should be doing so right about now. <3 My favorite character he plays is the one in the interviews -- the man called Henry Cavill himself. He's a Dreamboat in Real Life because he's beautiful inside and out. It's because of his Good Heart. And I love seeing the fan support for him. He deserves it. <3

  3. Ok I just got one question what movie is the GIF number 5 from bottom up? I agreed with comments above mine. I have never been a a truly fan of an actor, but with actor Henry Cavill can truly say I'm huge fan. He is out of this universe!!! There are no words to describe him. Keep the good work!!!

  4. Love the Valentine Gift Thank You so much, if you will excuse me now,, i need to take a cold, cold shower AGAIN!!!!

  5. Thanks everybody. You know how much we love supporting Henry and your words mean a lot. Exciting coverage on the way!

  6. Henry looks EDIBLE... <3 <3 <3 Henry

  7. wow, he is .....wow. so hard to put into words....delicious. so, so many ways. an incredible man, with amazing integrity and a gentleman when necessary without hurting someone (usually an interviewer who doesn't research when first meeting him) ,despite the tough industry he decided to be a part of. love (but hate) his desire for anonymity when he doesn't need to be seen. deep respect for a young man his age to live within his values with which he was obviously raised. Congrats to Henry and Colin & Marianne Cavill for raising such an incredible man. Much Love to all of them :)

  8. after looking at this gifs...


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