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Friday, February 7, 2014

'Man Of Steel 2' Executive Producer Talks Batman, Excitement Building In Detroit

The headline on the Detroit Free Press couldn't have said it better: "Eyes of the world to be on Detroit when Batman-Superman production starts." The article that follows describes a city ready to welcome the cast of Man of Steel 2, and how social media is playing a part in the buzz surrounding the film:

Even for a place that has been temporary home to Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Clint Eastwood and the headquarters of a “Wizard of Oz” prequel, the amount of attention focused on the project starring Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman will be unlike anything we’ve seen before.

“This movie will get super-scrutiny,” says Rob Allstetter, producer of the Comics Continuum website and TV show that airs Saturdays on WMYD-TV (Channel 20), via message. “These are the biggest characters in comics.”

Read the rest. As far as what fans can expect to see on the big screen, Man of Steel 2 producer Michael Uslan recently shared a little preview, specifically talking about Batman. Watch below or at the source.

TV Superman Dean Cain, had nothing but great things to say about Henry during a recent interview:

I had the opportunity to meet Henry once and he was a completely wonderful, nice guy… you know tall, dashing, good-looking, certainly looks like he should be Superman/Clark Kent (..)

 I thought Henry did a great job (in Man of Steel). It’s a completely different incarnation of the character than anything that I played or anything that I’d seen before on film or television. I think an alien not fitting in here on Earth in a more lonely brooding incarnation he was fantastic! The things we did on Lois & Clark were the romance and the lightness and that’s certainly not what Man of Steel had in it. I think Henry did a great job and I look very much forward to seeing this next version and how it continues to evolve.

We are following the latest from Detroit and bringing you updates as they come in. In the meantime catch up on everything Man of Steel 2 with the help of this handy link we've put together for you. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Off topic, but that hot blonde real estate agent, Jessica, Henry was papped with walking to a car in London in June 2012, was his friend's James's GF. Henry and James, together with his blond brother Chris, also friend of Henry's, can be seen together in Love Brunch pics from a month earlier.

  2. Two new hot pics of Henry with his rugby friends, Jordi in the 1st, brothers Chris (blond) and James in the 2nd:




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