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Monday, June 10, 2013

Master Post: World Premiere Of 'Man Of Steel'


Video of the Live Feed


Read more about his outfit 

Fan Pictures

Afterparty pics

@CHRIS_Daughtry Me and Superman aka Henry Cavill. No bigs

Henry with his costar Dylan Sprayberry

With former 'N Sync member Joey Fatone

 More new pics including some of Henry with his family UNDER THE CUT (don't miss!)

And don't miss the interview post, where we'll be updating with all the videos from the premiere.

You can find the latest updates on twitter, and keep checking the blog as we continue posting the latest pics, details, and videos. Gooo Henry!

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  1. Your family is really supportive. I love that your dad actually had his own camera for pics of you it's so normal and what any parent would do that its so adorable. You look exactly like your mom by the way...this is majestic. Nice family! Patrice Joseph, from the Island of Trinidad.


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