Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Smiling Henry Cavill Arrives Back In L.A. After Wrapping 'Man Of Steel' Tour

This video just shows how nice Henry really is.. even with photographers.

TMZ had a breakdown during their show about Henry's arrival at LAX. And while they said he pulled a Paris Hilton on fans lol.. if you watch the whole thing it was a pretty fair and balanced chat, and we can tell they really like Henry.. fanboys :)  - Watch at their site or below. Henry's bit starts at about 24:00.

Photos: Just Jared

Click for larger size

He has a SUPERMAN phone. How cool is that?!


Henry is back in L.A. after riots in Brazil forced Warner Bros. to cancel his last Man of Steel promo tour stop this week. We're happy to have you back Henry, and look forward to The Man from U.N.C.L.E.


  1. Superman has a super phone. that's just plain awesome :) I love that he's a geek like me! haha

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  3. Nice phone! and what a ring...I must say, He's definitely cool and hot at the same time. Way to go Superman!
    God, he is so like what I'm picturing how Christian Grey is on the phone!


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