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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sydney 'Man Of Steel' Premiere: Interviews & Videos Part 2

Once again we find ourselves with interviews and videos galore from Henry's promo stop, this time in Sydney. So check out our master post for tons of fan and HQ pics from the premiere, interviews from the press junket, and of course Part 1 of this section that includes interviews from the black carpet.

I Am Starstruck: Henry talks about wanting to go back to Australia.


Flicks Nicks: What are Superman's weaknesses? Henry answers that question.

The AU review: Henry talks about trying to enjoy the moment.

Spotlight Report: How Henry went about portraying Superman

Mornings: Henry is asked about his "abs of Steel" lol.. Henry's reaction to these types of questions always makes us smile. CLICK TO WATCH or watch below.   

MixFlix: Henry's interview focuses on not letting the pressure of the role get to him & more. And we love what Zack Snyder had to say about Henry. Watch at their site, below or on YouTube.

Today: Henry talks about how he still finds it surreal to be Man of Steel. There is also a bit from the press junket and from Amy saying Henry is going to get a restraining order against her lol.. good piece. CLICK TO WATCH

What is Henry's Kryptonite? he answers that question IN THIS VIDEO for AAP Newswire (1:50) or watch below.

Intro to film inside premiere theater.

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