Monday, June 24, 2013

'Man Of Steel' Promo Winds Down: Henry Cavill In Sydney

@russellcroweHuge premiere tonight in Sydney for @ManofSteelMovie , 7 Cinemas !! First time I've seen it in 3D...Holy S**t . Awesome work Zach Snyder.

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Photos by Brendon Thorne, Don Arnold /Getty Images via

via ratedPDG (Thank you!)

Kylie Speer: Chatting to Henry Cavill at the #ManofSteel premiere just now...think it's fair to say he's been perfectly cast

Sydney Red Carpet: Henry Cavill looking adorable at #ManOfSteel australian premiere. Our first impression of him: this guy's arrived.

Owly Images

This reporter's face says it all.. lol.

Click at your own risk. Henry this close is dangerous.. he answers what Superpower he would want.

We love that Henry takes the pics with his fans :)

   NellaDan:  Finally!! Me and Henry

Henry signed her magazine.

lol.. wonder what caused this reaction..

Gemma PialiHenry Cavill in gosh Superman is handsome

Nehal: Chatting to Henry Cavill at ManofSteel premiere. I'm calling it early. He'll be bigger than Brad Pitt!

See how my hands were shaking via NellaDan

Henry smiling and waving to fans

Inside theater

VidyaN: Had the privilege to be in the same cinema as Henry Cavill, Zack Synder and Russell Crowe. Best night, and the movie was even better!

sources linked to photos. Thanks to all!


  1. Holy smokin'...
    How can he remain so HOT after the hideous long and tiring promote schedule all over the world?
    I mean don' t get me wrong, I am so high on seeing him popping up everywhere everyday, but give the poor man a rest already!

  2. Awesome pictures!!! Super happy for you - even though I don't know ya :)


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