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Friday, June 7, 2013

Henry Promotes 'Man of Steel' In Mexico City

Henry at photocall

Full press conference (not dubbed)

Funny clip if Henry talking about "the curse"

Translator voice in it, but you can hear Henry

@ComikazeNews: "Superman on #Teotihuacan. If by chance you went to the pyramids, that guy you saw WAS Henry Cavill" #ManofSteel

Photos: CNN

@RadioParral: "Henry Cavill was in Mexico today promoting the new #Superman film, & like few, he turned out to be totally humble and accessible."

Photo: C. Lara for Siete24mx

 Photo: El Universal 

LinetPuente: "Walking out after interviewing Henry Cavill, that is the new Superman. What a man!!!! handsome, charming, inteligent."

"Would I like to portray a Mexican wrestler? Don't know. If the script is good, it says something to me and if it is an interesting role I'm not going to say no," Cavill said laughing Friday in an interview with The Associated Press in Mexico City.


Photos: El Vortex

Photo: El Universal

Henry talked to El Universal about his brief visit to Mexico:

The actor said he didn't know much about this culture, but admitted he would love to visit the country on another occasion.

"I arrived in Mexico late last night, I have not had time to see the city well, I've only seen pictures. Would like to come and visit with more time and learn about its archaeological heritage".

Ana Danii: "Uff! I just saw Henry Cavill and he is so handsome, inteligent and charming "

@LoftCinema: "‏Since we love you a lot, we have a little pic of Henry Cavill's backside"

@Radamez_Nunez: "leaving the interview with Henry Cavill" #ManofSteel

via ComikazeNews // Reforma // Loft Cinema // GoMagazineMX // Eric_Olv // Jorge Ugalde // StiviDeTivi//WB Pictures MX //Ricky Manjarrez//Just Jared

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More pics at EsMas gallery & El Siglo (these are really good).

TV coverage with good quality video of Henry in Mexico

More coverage from the press conference.

A few shots of his interviews with the press


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