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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

'Man of Steel' Promo Tour: Sweet Fan Encounters

We might have mentioned this before. Our favorite part of covering Henry's promo stops is hearing from you guys, about how amazingly charming and kind he is with fans. We've put together several encounters from the last week of Man of Steel promo that reminds us why we are so proud to be his fans.

Graham got to meet Henry in London, and he even signed his beautiful drawing. Of course Graham loved the film. Check out our coverage of that premiere.

Chantelle met Henry at his hometown premiere in Jersey, and shared these great pics with us. 

When we asked what Henry said to her, she told us she reacted exactly like we probably would have, had we had him in front of us flashing that smile.

‏@ChantelleFoyle @HenryCavillNews I can't remember I just stared at him when he came over, he came twice :) to me and my friend

Great pic with Amy as well. Thanks for sharing Chantelle.

See all we have from that day!

Belinda also met Henry in Jersey, and she shared these great pics of him on the red carpet. 

When we told her how nice he must have been, this is what she responded:

@belinda_1984 @HenryCavillNews he was..spent 2 hours on the red carpet


Finally, Marta got some great pics of a smiley Henry leaving his Sicily hotel and shared some of the details:

lalaferla @HenryCavillNews I screamed "Hi, Henry!" and he turned and gave me that smile. That was so heartwarming, he seems such a nice guy :D


I had the chance of standing close to Henry Cavill. This guy is so flawless it's almost annoying. #taorminafilmfest

Don't miss all the great pics and videos we got from Sicily.

If you have pics and details of meeting Henry you want to share, email us at henrycavillnews@gmail.com.

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