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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fifty Shades Of Grey: EXTRA's Maria Menounos Wants Henry For The Role

Henry with fans at the London premiere of Man of Steel

Add EXTRA host Maria Menounos, to the growing list of supporters who think Henry would be perfect for the role of Christian Grey. While we completely agree, we can pretty much tell you it's not happening.

Sure, Henry spoke about his interest in reading the Fifty Shades of Grey script in these interviews during the Man of Steel promo tour, and here's a new quote from a Spanish interview we just translated for you:


¿Qué nos puede decir de los rumores que le vinculan al proyecto sobre “50 sombras de Grey”?

Una cosa es un libro y puede ser el libro más maravilloso del mundo, y otra cosa es hablar con el director y ver un guión. Todavía no he visto ningún guión ni he hablado con ningún director y claro las cosas pueden cambiar mucho de un libro. Si me dieran un guión para leer y hablara con un director entonces lo pensaría.


What can you tell us about the rumors that link you to the Fifty Shades of Grey project?

One thing is a book and it could be the most marvelous book in the world, and another thing is to talk with the director and see a script. I still haven't seen a script, or talked to any director, and of course things could change a lot from a book. If they gave me a script to read and I spoke to a director then I'd think about it.

Despite the buzz, even his publicist admitted to Hollyscoop they haven't been approached for the role. (2:30) love the commentary btw..

But really the main reason we know Henry is not in the running, is the fact that his next project The Man from U.N.C.L.E. starts filming in September (Yay!). With Fifty Shades of Grey filming in the fall, you see the scheduling glitch EVEN if all parties were interested. While we would have loved to see Henry play Christian Grey, we're really excited to watch him become American spy Napoleon Solo in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - his costar Armie Hammer revealed we may even get the funny side of Henry. We can't wait! 


  1. According to Armie Hammer, they will start to shoot in August 2013, not September http://entertainment.inquirer.net/100957/armie-hammer-excited-to-work-with-henry-cavill, thought you need to change date there?
    About the scheduling glitch, so sad, but until there's official announcement never say never.

    1. Yes, we mentioned that in this post that we link in the above article. Henry said September during an interview in Jersey, and that is the info we have as well. But even if it is August, it wouldn't change the fact that he'll be busy with that project through the fall. You're right, anything could happen, but we don't want to give fans false hope or misleading info when all facts point to no Henry as Christian. Thanks for your comment x


  2. I would hate to see him take the role of Christian Grey, I'm glad there's a schedule conflict to prevent him if he were asked.


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