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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LA Press Day: 'Man of Steel' Q&A With Henry Cavill & Cast

UPDATE 6/4: Full press conference is in!

@MeredithFrost tweeted:

Some days are work. And some days you get to hang with Superman. @ManofSteelMovie takeover, on @Nightline tomorrow

Henry with Fandango's Dave Karger

Desde Hollywood has more great pics & a breakdown of the press conference you have to read (includes new Henry quotes) HERE. Geek Nation has some great things to say about Henry post-conference as well.

UPDATE: It looks like the user who uploaded the YouTube videos from the press conference has for now made them private. We'll leave them up in case they are made public again.


#ManofSteel press conference - I was in geek girl heaven! Again, Henry Cavill is gah-gorgeous. I need his gene pool in my life.


Sorry I didn't live tweet but kept staring at Henry Cavill.


Fandango Cine:

'I have a confession, I have never seen any Superman movie' #RussellCrowe

'Playing an icon, not try to be an icon' - #HenryCavill about his take on being #SuperMan

'She was part of the solution,not the problem' #AmyAdams on why she loved Lois Lane #ManofSteel

'As actors, it is quite a lonely journey' #HenryCavill on taking part of his personal experiences to play #SuperMan

'I think she really likes Superman, she really liked Henry in the suit' #AmyAdams on her 3yr. old daughter prefering Superman over Muppets

'The fun part of playing #Superman was flying' #HenryCavill on the special effects of #ManofSteel

'Talk about coming out!' #dianelane jokingly referring to the first time #MarthaKent saw #ClarkKent in the #SuperMan suit #ManofSteel

'I go to Satan for evil' #MichaelShannon jokingly responds to where he gets inspiration for playing evil characters #ManofSteel

'Everyone knows I am much stronger than #HenryCavill' #michaelshannon talks about fighting scenes in #ManofSteel


Amy Adams said she auditioned for the part of Lois Lane 3 times. "Thank you Zack."

Michael Shannon "Zod does not have super powers on Krypton." It's not until he comes to earth where he gets his powers like Superman.

Henry Cavill on playing #Superman. "Playing an icon you don't try to be an icon. That defeats the purpose. It actually really matters."

Amy Adams said although her daughter grabbed Superman's butt. But she does prefer the muppets over Superman. #Manofsteel

Russell Crowe says he never saw a Superman Movie. Ever #ManofSteel

Michael Shannon. "I get my evil from Satan. I drink it. It hurts. But then I take some Pepto and the pain goes away." #manofsteel

The action sequences were so challenging that it pushed the team further than expected.

Henry on how Superman shaves. "Some things better remain a mystery." #Manofsteel

Henry "We all need hope. If its tragedy we hope that we can overcome it." #manofsteel

Zack Snyder. Just because kryptonite or Lex Luther is not in the film. Do they exist in this world? That's another question. #ManOfSteel

zack synder: This is an unapologetic version of superman. Ppl have been apologizing for him but no. This is the way he is. #manofsteel


Sorry I didn't live tweet but kept staring at Henry Cavill. Funny quotes from stars coming

While on set w/ baby Kal-El, @russellcrowe says 4 of baby actors pooped, farted & peed on him. That'll certainly kill the thespian moment

Even 3yr olds r into Henry Cavill. Amy Adams says daughter grabbed his behind on set. "She's rear-end height". Lucky kid!

"Talk about your son coming out" Diane Lane on seeing Clark in #Superman suit 4 1st time. #ManofSteel

Henry Cavill said he didn't reference source material to play a conflicted Superman. Nor did he watch previous actors 4 inspiration

Who was tougher to fight? Henry Cavill or @russellcrowe in #ManofSteel? Michael Shannon (Zod) says Crowe. "He's the gladiator"

Bryan Alexander

Amy Adams confesses. Her 3-year-old daughter gooses Henry Cavill in his super suit. #ManofSteel

Russell Crowe very interested in when his #Lego minifigure from #ManofSteel will be available. Producer has no answer.

Enjoying watching Diane Lane's magic eyebrows move as she watches #ManofSteel press conference. She can move both equally well.

Michael Shannon says he gets his evil directly from Satan. Actually he doesn't know. "It couldn't be anything further from who I am."

General Zod Michael Shannon admits Russell Crowe can kick his butt. "After all he was the gladiator." #ManofSteel

#RussellCrowe young, baby Superman pooped on him during filming of a key scene. Admits as father, he's good with a nappy. #ManofSteel

Henry Cavill won't answer the #beard question of the year: How does Superman shave? Internet debate rages. #ManofSteel, #beardmystery

Man of Steel (official)

#AmyAdams says she has always loved #Superman - this was her 3rd time trying to play #LoisLane, so she's thrilled to be in #ManofSteel.

#HenryCavill jokes that Superman listens to @RealHansZimmer scores when asked about the #ManofSteel's choice of music.

.@RussellCrowe loved #ManofSteel's "complex, really cool script" that explored the tough decisions a father has to make.

Even 3-year-olds can't resist. #AmyAdams's daughter liked seeing #HenryCavill in the suit so much she gave him a "cheeky grab." #ManofSteel

#HenryCavill focused more on the "lonely aspect"of his character in #ManofSteel rather than referencing any classic #Superman material.

Clark and Supes costumes


New still with Henry below - many more costumes at Desde Hollywood.

 Stay tuned for much more coverage, as we count down to the Man of Steel release. June 14! 


Henry Cavill was nice enough to pose for a picture on his way out of the Man of Steel press conference ¡Un caballero!
(us: true gentleman indeed.)

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  1. This is so cool, absolutely awesome, thank you!!!

  2. You are welcome, very excited about all the new pics, videos, more to come. Thank you!

  3. Sorry. I can't watch any of the youtube video above...could you please tell me what's going on?

    1. I agree with comment below. WB probably embargoed the press conference until a certain date. Hopefully they'll be back up soon.

  4. The vids just have been made private by the uploader for the time being, I guess because of WB's request.

  5. Henry Cavill looked seriously "irked" in a couple of pics - love to know what that conversation entailed!!



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