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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

'Man of Steel' Press Junket Interviews: Part 2

CNN: Henry talks about his family, Comic-Con, his future in the Man of Steel sequels.


MTV: Henry talks about the pressure on taking on the role of Superman. Watch on their site or below.


Sunrise - Australia (Thanks Gabi!) - Henry says we can all have a body like his..

E! Online: Henry admits to being terrible at something (hard to believe) & Amy continues being her adorable self when talking about him. Plus Henry checks out his action figure. CLICK TO WATCH or watch below.

IGN: Henry talks about how he would like the superhero world to progress next on film. 


Toronto City News: Henry talks about his suit, and Amy's first reaction when she saw him in it. Plus she goes into specifics about him holding her up during the flying scenes. It's a must watch! - at their site, on YouTube or below.


Comicbookmovie.com: Henry reveals Superman's age. We've seen some of this interview on others sites. But there are some new quotes. And they are pretty great, especially at the end (at about 7:20). 


eTALK  (Canada): Henry smiles big when the reporter tells him he's about to become a superstar. Plus Amy & more of her cuteness about Henry. CLICK TO WATCH.

WGN: Henry talks filming Man of Steel in Illinois. Click pic to watch. (Thanks Susan for the links).

Fox Chicago: Henry talks about filming in Illinois and more. Watch at their site or below.

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

Fox Denver - Henry's funny clip starts at about 3:40. Watch at their site // YouTube or below.

And don't miss ALL THE OTHER GREAT INTERVIEWS from the Man of Steel press junket!


  1. just so you are aware, Comic Book Movie site is known for plagiarizing. They do not create their own stuff, but instead, steal if from others and put their name on it. They are not responsible for the interview you have embedded above. I would recommend avoiding their site and stuff with their name.

    1. Thought they had purchased it from someone who was there since they put their name on it. Will pay more attention. Thank you.


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