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Monday, June 17, 2013

Henry Provides Us With Proof That Anything Is Possible

UPDATE 6/25: GMA talked with Henry's trainer who says the work he did turned him into a man. WATCH NOW.

Want to look like Henry? (good luck achieving perfection), but it is apparently possible to get his muscles. The National Guard just released this video of Henry preparing for his role in Man of Steel to inspire soldiers to reach for that level of commitment. You can check out all the information on how to get started at their site. As for us, we'll just sit here and admire Henry's determination and drive that led him to where he is today. Our new Superman.

Muscle & Fitness has a new interview with Henry's trainer, who shares the moment he knew what Henry was made of.

Photo: Gym Jones

Henry Cavill was screwed. It was another cold winter’s day on the Vancouver set of Man of Steel—the kind that makes It hard to get out of bed, harder still to get motivated to train, and for Cavill, nearly impossible to move that damn barbell. he was on his final rep of his final set of front squats when his leg muscles froze under the stress of the 305 pounds sitting across his shoulders. He had dutifully pounded out three sets of four with the weight already, but at the bottom of the fourth rep of his fourth set, Cavill's muscles flat-out quit on him. His ass was pinned to the ground and his knees started to buckle inward. His trainer, Gym Jones founder Mark Twight, who closely monitored Cavill throughout his Man of Steel training, waited for his client to lean forward and dump the bar to the ground.

Instead, Cavill did something that Twight—a man not easily impressed—would remember forever. He drove his heels into the ground and pushed, his face twisting into an expression that can only come from an outlay of supreme effort, his body working harder than at any time during his entire year of training for the role. And slowly he began to rise out of the hole, grinding his way back up, until he completed the rep. He racked the bar, lifted his head, and opened his eyes... and everything seemed different. Suddenly there was confidence, and elation. But beyond that, there was puzzlement—the eyes of man trying to process a whole new world of possibility.

“Somehow he got his sh-t together,” Twight says later, still astonished. “To see him do that, then walk around like he’s on air, to believe in himself enough to try that hard, that was one of the more impressive things that happened during the whole course of this process.”

The magazine also breaks downs Henry's workout in case you are inspired to try it.  Check it out. 
Read Henry's interview here.

Our favorite caps from Henry's workout. Truly inspiring. See the rest.


And if this isn't the face of determination, we don't know what is. Henry, you go man!

Still here?.. more pics you say?.. Henry was all muscles in our exclusive HQ pics from the set of Man of Steel. Check them out!

More? okay.. gifs should do it (thanks crushable).  Just don't stare for too long or you may end up here all night..

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