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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Henry Interested In Reading The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Script

UPDATE 6/19: Sam Taylor-Johnson was just announced as the director of Fifty Shades of Grey. So now we move on to casting. Let the cards fall where they may..

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20minutos.es was among the press that got to chat with Henry in Madrid today. While most of the talk of course focused on Man of Steel, they reportedly managed to ask him about Fifty Shades of Grey. And if the answer is an accurate one, you Christian Grey fans are going to FLIP OUT.

This is our translation. Again, we're assuming this is a reliable publication, which we believe it is. Anyone want to forward it over to E.L. James? ;)

Here goes it:


¿Será, como esperan algunas, el protagonista de 50 sombras de Grey?

No hay todavía un guión definitivo ni un director contratado así que, por extensión, tampoco un actor concreto. Si alguien me ofreciera el papel, me gustaría leer el guión y, de gustarme, por supuesto que lo aceptaría. Sin duda. Es algo muy diferente a los papeles que he hecho hasta ahora, y me interesa cambiar.

Our translation:

Are you like some hope, the lead character in Fifty Shades of Grey?

There is still no final script or a director hired so, by extension, there is also no concrete actor. If someone offered me the role, I'd like to read the script and, if I liked it,  of course I'd  accept it. Without a doubt. It's something very different to the roles I've done up until now, and I'm interested in change.

Now keep in mind, once again his words were translated from English to Spanish and then back to English, so again.. take it with a grain of salt. But if we were Fifty Shades fangirls our inner goddesses would be doing somersaults over the moon right now ;)

We'll try and translate the rest of the interview for you as soon as we catch our collective breath. It's been pretty busy around here!

UPDATE 6/18:  

Sensacine apparently also asked Henry about Fifty Shades of Grey. His answer is a little different, so we are adding it to the post.


En declaraciones exclusivas a SensaCine, Henry Cavill nos ha contado lo siguiente sobre 50 sombras. "A ver... ¡Ni siquiera he visto el guión! ¡Tampoco hay director!", comenta. "Me parece que es una película a la que le falta mucho para concretarse. Me parece que va a ser una película “complicadilla” de hacer. Aunque, como digo, no puedo hacer muchos comentarios al respecto porque todavía no hay nada tangible con lo que trabajar. Mientras no haya un guión o un director que me explique qué es lo que se va a hacer, yo no puedo tomar ninguna decisión". 

Our translation:

Speaking exclusively to SensaCine, Henry Cavill told us this about Fifty Shades. "Let's see ... I haven't even seen the script! There is also no director!" he says. "I think it's a film that has a long way from materializing. I think it's going to be a movie a little complicated to make. Though, as I say, I can't make many comments about it, because there's still nothing tangible to work with. Until there's a script or a director that explains to me what they're going to do, I can't make any decision. "

There you have it. Take it as you will.. we'll keep you posted if anything else comes out.


  1. I'm in two minds about this, one - I really hope he doesn't get the role, I mean I love Henry, and seeing him in Superman would completely wreck that image for most young fans. And 2 - But then again, There's an other side of me that would love to see him on the big screen as Christian Grey. ;)

  2. i dont want him to accept it tho :/ ... well if it is a good one why not

  3. Hell Yeah!! Get this man a script! Henry is my Christian Grey!! About ruining his Superman image, don't think many kids will be going to see Fifty :)

  4. I,m spanish. The translation you made is perfect.

    I want him to make a lot of movies but not as CG(and he would be perfect but...i don,t know)

    I saw him in person this Monday ;-)

  5. I really hope he will accept the role...he is an adult man, he can decide what to play...we are not his Mommy,!!!!

  6. He needs to be CG for two main reasons: 1. there's no one else that would fit the role of the most insanely good looking man ever. 2. he can pull this role off 100% and I don't mean the kinky stuff which is easy to do, I'm referring to the intense emotions that this character has.


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