Monday, June 10, 2013

Watch Henry On 'Good Morning America'

Watch Henry's interview below or on YouTube (where it's kinda wonky).

Click for HQ

More pics

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  1. I would just like to point out the obvious and say that, no matter how beautiful and handsome he is, HE REALLY NEEDS A STYLIST!

  2. I was all over NYC today at all these shows just tryin to get a glimpse,, and the rain killed it all!! agghhhh!! Best of luck to Henry on all his endeavors!! Just i got to meet ya !! P.S.- I made the coolest jacket for you to sign, as well as the other cast members!! maybe someday I will get that signature?
    I think your stylist is just fine ;)

  3. @anonymous sex symbols don't need stylists!!! LOL

  4. @anonymous: A srylist? Why, aren't we dead enough as it is? I know I am, dead and blind from this shiny blue gorgeousness, dear God.


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