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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Henry Cavill & What It Would Take For Him To Be In 'Star Wars Episode VII'

This interview is part of a series that include Henry's answers from the Man of Steel press junket in London (you can watch the rest here). We wanted to expand on Henry's answer because he seemed a little hesitant about jumping into the Star Wars Universe, but what if Henry did end up in a Star Wars film.. 

We really think he could handle the role of a younger Hans Solo role right? just look at that chest hair. Then we remembered he's already playing a Solo, Napoleon Solo in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.   

So we moved on  to Boba Fett.. just imagine Henry filling that costume. But we realized we'd never see his gorgeous face.. moving on!

Watch Henry talk Star Wars with Total Film, and let us know who you see him playing in the iconic series.  

1 comment:

  1. Oh, man...that is the one million dollars question: how can you NOT screw up in making more Star Wars movies!?

    Well, don't get me wrong...there was a time I worshiped George Lucas and carried my light saber everywhere I go...I am just still deciding how I should react to the "more to come" news...

    You can't reboot it like you did with Superman...everybody's gonna flip if they see a new face attaches to Luke Skywalker.

    You can't make prequel like they did with Star Trek...wait, actually they did, and it crashed and burned.

    So you are gonna jump to another distant galaxy with brand new characters? Then why do you bother to call it Star Wars!?

    So frankly, I think Henry is smart in trying to stay out of it.
    Forget about the curse of Superman...there's the curse of Skywalker!! Did you see what happened to Mark Hamill and Hayden Christensen?

    Although I can so easily picture Henry as Han Solo and Amy as Princess Leia :P

    Well, may the force be with JJ Abrams
    And for the time being may Henry just stick to his red cape?


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