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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

'Man Of Steel' Press Junket Interviews: Part 6

The interviews keep coming and we don't want you to miss a thing. Here are parts  1234  & 5.  And that's just from the L.A. junket. More to come!

Voices from Krypton: Henry talks about what he brought to the film, and also mentions what he thinks director Zack Snyder contributed. Full interview when it's in. CLICK TO LISTEN // In PART 2 Henry talks about what he thinks is the draw of the film, and why he's now owning anything "Super".

Solo en Cines TV: Audio interview with Henry talking about the slow days of doing flying CGI scenes and why he enjoyed them. He also describes how fight sequences were shot (play by play) and mentions whether he thinks he'll be in Justice League. Great listen.


3 News New Zealand: Henry talks about who he had the most fun with on set, who brought the most energy, asked about Bond, Twilight. CLICK TO WATCH.

Henry's full interview with Peter Travers is in. He talks roles he didn't get, and why this isn't the time for Justice League (11:30). Click to watch or watch below.

35 milimetros TV: Cute moment: Henry talks about what Supes feels for Lois Lane (at about 3:30).

1 comment:

  1. Great Interview with Peter Travers.
    Henry is ever so humble...
    I believe should the timing was right, he would have made perfect Bond and Edward Cullen (and I am a well-known crazy Twilight fan, so believe it when I say so!), but I guess those roles are just not ment for him...he's destined to play Superman. No one could have pulled it off like he did.


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