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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Most Successful Guy In Hollywood, But Also The Nicest

Man of Steel has just crossed the $500 Million mark, making it the second most successful movie of 2013 behind Iron Man 3.

Henry is finally enjoying the worldwide success he's worked so hard to achieve, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

During the Man of Steel promo tour, a few interviews came out that really highlight just what a great guy Henry has always been. They include Gianna's great story about Henry's connection with her dog Buddy. It's really a heartwarming account you don't want to miss. Read now.

Gianna & Henry at Immortals junket

This next story involves the Man of Steel scene that everyone is talking about.  Madison was smack in the middle of that scene, and got to work with Henry because of it. She recently shared details of her experience. You can read more here.

Todd McMahon/Gannett Wisconsin Media

As we continue supporting Henry, we'd love to hear your stories about meeting him and what he had to say. That's part of what makes us so proud to be his fans. His caring and humble nature :)  

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