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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Of The Gorgeous From The 'Man Of Steel' Sydney Premiere

It's been fun following  tweets about Henry because for the most part, all you read is how ridiculously handsome he is and how the majority of the twitter population wants to have his babies, including men. When we see pictures like these.. we are reminded why. Catch everything else from the premiere in our wrap. We'll keep adding them as we get them.. no sacrifice for us ;)

RED-efined Design Studios took these amazing pics. You can see the rest on their FB page.

 This next set comes courtesy of EVENT Cinemas George St. where the premiere was held. The complete gallery here

These are from different sources, and some are tagged but all are great pics as well. (via)

Seriously.. SERIOUSLY. We can stare at this pic 24/7.

Henry taking the photos with his fans (humble man that he is). 

We love this pic SO. MUCH.

And this one with the killer smile.. 

Spotlight Report @HenryCavillNews a snap just seconds before our interview with Henry at the #manofsteel australian premiere ;)  (Thanks for sharing!).

If you can get through these pics and not love Henry, more power to you. We're goners.  

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