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Friday, June 21, 2013

Shanghai 'Man of Steel' Promo Interviews

Dubbed, but you can hear Henry talk about the film, Russell Crowe. 

Moviesnackx Special: This is a really great piece with interviews with the cast and director. Our favorite answer from Henry comes at the end.


Henry talks about Mark Twight training him to "within an inch of his life" and really gets into describing what it took to build the body for Man of Steel

RTL: Henry talks about why he strongly felt he couldn't just use padding for his suit. He's also asked about the changes he's experiencing with fame. CLICK TO WATCH.

This video is a must watch: It has premiere & press conference footage (Armani outfits anyone?), but also the BEST out loud moment of laughter from Henry at 1:05. Plus he talks Man of Steel, and at the end has a sweet message for fans. The film did amazing numbers on opening day. Read more at THR.

And.. there's that smile that melts a million hearts in one beat (at 2:44). Henry talks Man of Steel here as well.

We're not entirely sure this was shot in China. But we're going with it since Henry seems to be wearing the same outfit he wore at the Shanghai premiere. Either way.. hot. Candid. Enjoy. 

We'll add more if/when we get them.

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