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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Amy Adams: 'Man of Steel 2' Script Finished, Filming "Very Soon"

Who is ready for a Lois and Clark/Superman reunion?! - Amy Adams was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show tonight, promoting her latest film "Her." But Jimmy didn't waste the opportunity to ask her about the Man of Steel sequel.

When Kimmel asked Adams when she would start working on Batman Vs. Superman, Amy Adams replied, “Very soon.” Adams quickly added, “Yes, but I cannot tell you anything.”

However, Adams did reveal one more thing. When Kimmel asked if she had read the script yet, Adams said, “I just read the script.” But when Kimmel tried to pry for more information, Adams said, “I don’t know anything.”

Henry was spotted at the Little Rock, Arkansas airport Monday, potentially headed to Detroit for some pre-production work on the film after picking up his new puppy. We're keeping track of the latest with filming about to begin. If you live in the Detroit area and hear any news on Man of Steel 2 please let us know at henrycavillnews@gmail.com so we can share it with fans. Things are happening quickly now, exciting times ahead! 

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